Life Update: Slow and Steady…


Fall is finally here! It’s one of my favorite seasons as it brings a sense of change and renewal. You see it in the weather, the people, and your overall environment. There were also plenty of full and new moons to help you reflect back and set new intentions for the next phase of your life.

I personally love and embrace change, however I admittedly did sometimes feel “stuck” or had a hard time breaking an old habit or pattern of thinking I desperately wanted to change. There are things such as old negative thinking patterns, procrastination, abandonment issues, etc. that I felt were holding me back from becoming my higher self.

Yes, although they were hard to admit, these are just some of the dark shadows that have surfaced within these past few months for me. I’m sure many of you may also be going through the same thing during this powerful transitional period.

Throughout this process, I began feeling down on myself for not healing or changing fast enough. Can’t I just be that stable, strong, ultimate warrior goddess already?! Many of us have a lot of healing to do whether it be from past childhood experiences, intergenerational trauma, low self-esteem, etc.

As much as I would like to fast forward all of that, I realized that there’s much more work to do mentally AND physically.

To be quite honest, during my entire summer I felt paralyzed when all these demons crept up on me out of seemingly nowhere. I didn’t know what to do or how to fight them, I just sat there in meditation, acknowledged it’s presence and tried as best as I could to accept them and myself as we were. Although, it was very uncomfortable, it did shed light on why I think and react to things the way I do. Most of the time it did not play out in the best way or for my greater good.

Although, I was meditating at least twice a day, observing my thoughts and doing breathwork, I wasn’t feeling that much better. Just recently, I saw a video on TedxTalk by Leon Taylor that spoke about managing your mental health through physical movement. He spoke about the importance of moving your body to help manage stress and keeping your emotions stable. If you also read about Reiki and Chinese Medicine, you’ll know about the different Chakras and energy passageways within the body. If these energies are not flowing or are imbalanced, it can cause blockages which can lead to stress and disease.

I knew I had to get up and move more if I wanted to feel better. I started doing yoga at home for 30-45 minutes a day, 3x a week which as helped me immensely. I’ll be sure to share my favorite yogi channels in another post!

I also recently attended an Acupressure class and learned all the different points on your body that you can massage to help alleviate stress/pain and unblock energy passageways so that your chi can flow better. The class proved to be very helpful! I want to write another article on this and share with you what I learned since I think it could very helpful to you as well.

This is just the beginning of you and I emerging and becoming our authentic selves the way we were meant to be without all the pain, confusion, and societal conditioning. I just want to encourage everyone that no matter where you are in your journey to not feel bad about the pace you are going or feel pressure or anxiety for not being the person you wish to be quite yet. I want you to understand that you are not alone and to keep pushing and thinking of ways to find inner strength to continue becoming who we are meant to be one day at a time!

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