Daily Vitamins Every Young Woman Should Take




As a woman in her late twenties, my body started changing and I realized I couldn’t eat what I used to eat in college anymore. My body started rejecting certain foods and began craving for more wholesome foods like fruits and veggies. I knew I had to change my lifestyle but with such a busy work life, it was honestly a struggle. I try to have a plant-based diet at least 5 days out of the week but on some days I get so busy that all I get to eat is a salad and maybe a snack. That’s when I realized that until I start getting serious about my diet to get all the nourishment I need for the day, I’ll have to get my nutrients through vitamins.

Now, I am not a fan of multi-vitamins.  I have been there and done that and has done nothing for me but hurt my stomach. Of course everyone is different and is deficient in different areas, so talk to your doctor and just listen to your body, you know it best. If your stomach is sensitive like mine, try vegan or soy-free supplements. I currently use the brand Solgar and Gaia Herbs for most of my supplements.

Here’s a list of Vitamins:

Gingko Biloba: Gingko Biloba helps me keep up with our fast-paced world and saves me from having brain fog (lack of mental clarity and inability to focus). It’s super powerful because it contains flavonoids which is a plant-based antioxidant which protects heart muscles, nerves, and blood vessels from damage. Ginkgo Biloba is known to help blood circulation in the brain which helps improve cognitive functioning, better memory, and promotes positive moods as well as treats headaches.

Oregano Oil: Oregano oil is a lifesaver for me. Whenever I am feeling weak and fatigued or feel like I’m about to get sick I always reach for this. You can take it with a dropper or as a capsule and helps with colds, coughs, allergies, stomach issues, you name it. It is an antibacterial, anti-parasitic, antiseptic, antiviral and strengthens your immune system to fight off any existing bacteria. I take it daily as a preventative treatment to the afore mentioned.

Vitamin D: I was shocked when my doctor said I was deficient in Vitamin D considering I live in sunny LA. Unfortunately due to UV-Rays, getting Vitamin D through the sun can actually be more harmful than good.  She said it was very important that I take these vitamins daily because a deficiency can cause a higher risk of cancer, heart disease, depression, weight gain, and more. Vitamin D helps regulate your immune system as well as your neuromuscular system and plays a huge role in the life cycle of your cells.

Iron: Iron is a mineral that carries oxygen in the blood. It is the most common deficiency in women and can lead to anaemia. This is something as women we need to take because we lose at least 1mg of blood every month due to our menstrual cycle.  Also, since I’ve switched to a more plant-based diet, therefore eating less meat this is even more of a necessity.

Probiotic: Probiotics are important for your overall gut health. It gives you healthy bacteria that helps balance the body’s micro-biome & PH levels which improves your vaginal flora. It affects your weight and metabolism; mood and energy levels; the appearance of your skin; balance of yeast; relief from occasional gas, bloating or irregularity; and even the health of your urinary tract. It’s a secret weapon to preventing UTI’s which every woman gets in their lifetime, talk about a living nightmare! So either eat a lot of yogurt and kimchi or take a probiotic pill.

Hope this helps and let me know what vitamins you take!

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